What is SocialBlox?

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What is SocialBlox?

SocialBlox is a Social Media platform where users can earn SBLX-tokens by creating content or allowing ads on their feeds. Challenges are a revolutionary addition to this social media platform. In addition to posting text, photos and videos, you can challenge other users for SBLX tokens. 

Example: A friend challenges you to keep a football in the air 100 times for 1000 SBLX tokens. You accept the challenge, record the attempt and share the video on our platform. The community determines whether you have completed the challenge, and there will be 1000 SBLX in your wallet in no time.

Unique interactions with celebrities and influencers

At the same time, SocialBlox is also a great platform to get more connected with your favourite celebrity or influencer. Users influence what kind of content celebrity posts in our app by challenging them. 

Creating content also becomes easier for influencers. They no longer need to guess what content their followers want to see. They are challenged with ideas for content. 

Your private information remains private.

SocialBlox respects your private information and will not share anything other than the essentials with third parties. What you want to see on your feed is entirely up to you and will not be shared with anyone else.


Earn money by viewing adverts

On our platform, ads are voluntary and not a must. You decide whether you allow advertising on your feed. If you allow advertising, we will reward you by sending SBLX tokens. Even then, we do not share data with companies; You decide which advertisements you want to see.

Whether you want to challenge friends, connect with Influencers or scroll through the platform is entirely up to you. Our application is for everyone who wants to get the best out of themselves and others. We invite you to participate on our platform. Are you up for the challenge?

The SBLX token

Our utility token, SBLX, is the life blood of the platform. It allows you to challenge each other and to earn tokens by watching ads.
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