Engagement and Interaction

Learn how to interact with your friends’ posts and challenges, follow and unfollow users, and block and unblock them.

How do I turn notifications on or off?

Go to your profile page and click on the gear (settings) at the top right. Select Notifications. Here you can set your preference per notification.

How do I post a comment on challenges?

Go to a post or challenge. Click on the text bubble to the right of the rating or click on the content. Tap the field at the bottom of your screen to add a comment and press Send.


You can also add a reaction by clicking on the emoji next to the text bubble.

How do I rate a challenge?

You can approve or disapprove challenges when you come across them on your homepage (feed) or challenge page. Your rating determines whether a user receives SocialBlox for their uploaded content.

If a user has completed the challenge, you approve the post (↑). If they failed the challenge, disapprove (↓).


Attention: For voting on a challenge, you require at least 1 SBLX-Token.

Do I get rewarded for rating challenges?

You use 1 SBLX token to assess a challenge. When the required number of votes has been reached or the time has expired, the challenge will be approved or rejected, and the majority will receive the voted number of SBLX tokens.

Example: if 20 users approve and 10 disapprove, each approving user gets 1.5 SBLX back.

So, you may get a small reward for correctly judging a challenge.

How do I follow and unfollow other users?

Through your feed or challenge page

Click on the name of a user. Here you can then click on Follow or Unfollow.

Through your profile

You can see exactly how many followers you have and whom you follow on your profile page. Tap Followers to view the people follow you. Press Following to view the users that follow you.

The SBLX token

Our utility token, SBLX, is the life blood of the platform. It allows you to challenge each other and to earn tokens by watching ads.
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