Social media to the next level
The next generation social media, enabled by blockchain technology. Challenge your friends, engage with your followers and earn SBLX-tokens by doing so.


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V2.0 launch

Full on-chain launch of SocialBlox. Invite your friends; create and complete challenges for real-life value.

Growing platform

Ongoing development to support the growing platform. This will include more ways to challenge and interact on SocialBlox.

The future

Challenge your friends

Challenge other users to do things, like going bungy jumping, winning a game of FIFA,  or helping someone move. Our Blockchain enables new trust and ways to interact.

Privacy first

We don't share user data with third parties. Nor do we use your data to optimize the algorithm or advertisement targeting.

App for android and ios

The app is currently in early access. Download the app now!

Reverse advertisement

By default the app will be ad-free. Users going for the “ad mode” will share revue and be rewarded in tokens for seeing advertisements.

Community decides

The community decides the outcome of a challenge. By casting a vote, that is registred on the blockchain, the approval or rejection of a challenge is indisputable and final.
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Updates & highlights

The SBLX token

Our utility token, SBLX, is the life blood of the platform. It allows you to challenge each other and to earn tokens by watching ads.
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