Social media to the next level
The next generation social media, enabled by blockchain technology. Challenge your friends, engage with your followers and earn SBLX-tokens by doing so.
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Private testnet live

Pre-sale on Knaken and the official start of development.

Private testnet live

The first tests of challenging are being done. Testing the algorithm, and the User Experience of the app.

Research Layer 2 solution

We have done research into a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solutions to make this fast and affordable.

Closed beta for Challenging

We have launched the closed beta of the app for investors. With this beta they can test the challenging functionality. We are excited to see the very first real challenges from users!

Closed beta full app

Late Q1 / Early Q2 we will launch the full app beta, including the feed to keep your followers up-to-date. This beta will also accept more people to join. It allows us to thoroughly test the Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Challenge your friends

Challenge your friends

Challenge other users to do things, like going bungy jumping, winning a game of FIFA,  or helping someone move. Our Blockchain enables new trust and ways to interact.
Privacy first

Privacy first

We don't share user data with third parties. Nor do we use your data to optimize the algorithm or advertisement targeting.

App for android and ios

The app is currently in closed beta. Follow our socials to stay tuned for more updates!
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Reserve advertisement socialblox

Reverse advertisement

You decide whether you get to see ads. If you opt-in, then you will be rewarded in tokens.
money guaranteed socialblox

money guaranteed

Our blockchain makes sure you get your SBLX-tokens when completing a challenge. This is done by a conditional payment.
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Updates & highlights

The SBLX token

Our utility token, SBLX, is the life blood of the platform. It allows you to challenge each other and to earn tokens by watching ads.