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Blurring the line between
online and offline interaction.


The metaverse is approaching with lightning speed. SocialBlox aims to be the first social media platform that blurs the line between real life and online interaction. Smart contracts will create exciting new possibilities for users to challenge each other creating organic rocking content in the process. Social media is about to enter a new age where content stops being passive and is on demand.

The first platform blurring the line between real life and online interaction. SocialBlox

About SocialBlox

What makes us special.

App Features

The core features and values of the SocialBlox app
in development.


The transparant nature of blockchain technology ensures a secure  and open  community based voting system.


Smart contracts enable new ways to interact with other users. Challenge them to create content or accept a challenge yourself and collect SBLX-tokens.

Privacy First

This next generation all-in-one platform allows you to secure and control your own private data or earn from ads selected by you.

Reverse Marketplace

Let sellers contact you with their offers, review them and buy your desired product with SBLX.


Create, upload and sell your unique NFT or limited edition item's in the SocialBlox Marketplace.

App In Development!

The app is scheduled to release in early 2022!

Interested in being a beta tester? Want to learn more about the full set of features of the app? Join our community to stay up to date with the latest info.

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A deepdive into our philosophy.

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What does the future hold for SocialBlox?

Q2 '21

SocialBlox launch
and seed round sale.

Q3 '21

Start early adopters sale, public round sale, listings and launch of collaboration-pool.


Q4 '21

Private testnet live,
testing challenges closed beta, listings expansion.


Q1 '22

Closed beta release of full application.

Public release in android playstore and apple Istore.

SocialBlox Mission

A message from our founder.

Founder of SocialBlox

Michiel Ipenburg

“Social media will keep on evolving. So should we” said Michiel Ipenburg, SocialBlox CEO and founder. Don’t wait for changes to happen. Step up and lead the revolution.

We believe online communication should become more fun and interactive. This is why a diverse team is working on the launch and continuous improvement of the SocialBlox platform.

The focus should be on the community. SocialBlox will be constantly developing and rolling out new features along the way. We will be actively and openly discussing new features with you, our community.

We’ve got you covered when the online space changes, we will be leading the markets!
Are you joining us?


Tomi Ristic

Co-Founder @ Dhevak.
Creating Delightfull Digital Experiences.

Hoofd Vreemde Ideeen

Frank Arling

Co-Founder @ Dhevak
Creating Delightfull Digital Experiences.

Freelance Copywriter

Paulien Arling

Freelance Copywriter

Badass Webdesigner

Tomi Ristic

Creating Delightfull Digital Experiences at Dhevak

Badass Webdesigner

Tomi Ristic

Creating Delightfull Digital Experiences at Dhevak

Badass Webdesigner

Tomi Ristic

Creating Delightfull Digital Experiences at Dhevak


Early Adopter
Token Sale

Make sure you join the early adopter token sale and be part of the SocialBlox revolution. The tokens will be available for $0.0015 per SBLX token.

The button below will redirect you to the portal of our official service provider Knaken
where you can finalize purchasing your tokens.

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The Community

A small sample of people who are involved in SocialBlox.

Michiel Ipenburg - Founder en CEO.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Visionary and the glue ensuring everything sticks and stays rocking.



Bobby LittleJohn

Tomi Ristic

Filip van Ginderdeuren

Wim Nijbroek

More To Come!